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Test::Script::Output - Tests the output of scripts using special comments


use Test::Script::Output;

# in the tested file, file.p6
say "Hello";


# in test
output-ok( "file.p6", "script runs OK")

# Another tested file, regex.p6
say "Time now is ", now;

  /^^Time now/

# in test
output-ok( "regex.p6", "script tested via regex runs OK")


Test::Script::Output tests the output of scripts. Desired output must be included aas an =output pod section with the literal output that should be expected from it. If that changes, a regular expression can be used.

You can either set the output explicitly

    First line
    Second line

Or match the whole output via a regex, which can be used when the output is variable

    /^^ Start /


output-ok( $file, $msg)

The argument can be either the name of an existing file, or a IO handle for that same file; the $msg is the test message.

dir-ok( $dir, $msg)

Takes the files with the extension "*.p6" from a dir, and tests them, the test will be OK if all of the files check out.


JJ Merelo


This test module was created originally to test the scripts for the book "Perl 6 Quick Reference", which is due to be published later this year by Apress.


Copyright 2019 JJ Merelo

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.