zef - a perl6 luxury package manager

it's a package manager, use it for great success

If you think of some cool stuff you'd like to see here, let tony-o know in #perl6


rakudo brew

rakudobrew build zef

Most contrib authors

Owner Count
github:jonathanstowe 51
github:retupmoca 29
github:tony-o 23
titsuki 16
github:ugexe 12
Zoffix Znet 11
Alexey Melezhik 9
Marcel Timmerman 8
github:Altai-man 8
github:FROGGS 8

Recently updated

Name Owner
StrictNamedArguments Claudio Ramirez
ANTLR4 not in meta
JSON::Tiny not in meta
Debugger::UI::CommandLine not in meta
Test::Scheduler not in meta
Data::TextOrBinary Jonathan Worthington <jnthn@jnthn.net>
Prime::Factor Steve Schulze (thundergnat)
File::Ignore Jonathan Worthington <jnthn@jnthn.net>
Test::Mock not in meta
META6 github:jonathanstowe